The It’s Fresh! ethylene removal products

It’s Fresh! products are adsorb and lock in ethylene, the ripening hormone in fresh produce by creating a ‘Freshasphere’ around the fruits and vegetables, improving quality, reducing waste and increasing sales. The filters protect produce against all the stresses of the supply chain from produce growers, suppliers and retailers, right into the home of the consumer.

The It’s Fresh! ethylene filter. Simple, powerful and highly effective

The filters carry on working even after the packs are opened however long the supply chain journey; as long as the filter remains with the produce. The filters work equally well for ‘ripen at home’ and ‘ready to eat products’, significantly extending freshness and quality. The filters are available in several formats.


The filters were our global breakthrough, It’s Fresh! is  an international food freshness product and  used by produce growers, suppliers, and retailers around the world.
Our filters are packed conveniently in easily handled cartons. They are ready for hand insertion into retail or food service packs anywhere along the supply chain, from picking to packing and from lidding to ripening.

Transit Sheets

Produced in, small and large sizes for use in transit cases RPCs and other larger rigid or flexible packages of loose fruit. Seasons can be extended by growing, harvesting and storing more produce. They also help to mitigate or remove the need for controlled atmosphere and low temperature shipping. The sheets and are very useful in ripening cases to improve homogeneity of ripe and ready to eat fruit.


The Pads are developed to support berry picking and packing operations, provided to growers and pickers as a filter integrated into a berry pad, pre-inserted into punnets and clam shells
Offering Its’ Fresh! ethylene removal technology to protect and deliver healthier, longer lasting berries, with cushioning, moisture absorbency advantages that a berry pad provides.


It’s Fresh! label provides an automated, integrated packaging solution with the unique It’s Fresh! active material printed onto a normal pack label and can be flexibly used for any kind of pack utilising a normal labelling line. The label was developed for use on top sealing or flow-wrapping packing lines.

Why use It’s Fresh! ethylene filters? 

The green white stripy It’s Fresh! filter e+™ active ingredient is 100 times more powerful than any other known substance in absorbing ethylene.Once a crop is harvested it inevitably begins a process towards deterioration – initially through maturity or ripening than ultimately deterioration.

It’s Fresh! filters can help to extend the quality of fruit and vegetables, increase shelf life and reduce food waste by slowing down this process.
Ethylene is the major cause of premature ripening and been detected in a large variety of fresh produce, further implicated in the propagation of rots and moulds. The filters have been extensively tested by leading international academic and research houses. They are used by global retailers, growers, and suppliers.

Independent global consumer panels show fruit protected by It’s Fresh! filters is strongly preferred. There are loose filters and transit sheets for packers to insert themselves or the technology can be pre-integrated into films and fruit packs. The filter can be used in synergy with other technologies or more often to replace them.

It’s Fresh! filters absorb and lock in ethylene, the ripening hormone in fresh produce