Ethylene Absorber

Through extensive research, It's Fresh! have been able to provide innovative technologies that extend the freshness and quality of fresh food and flowers. Such thorough research has enabled us to launch our first commercialised product, a discreet but high-tech filter that removes the ripening hormone from around fresh produce.This is helping the global supply chain maximise value from growing, transporting and retailing top-quality produce for consumers, by extending quality, prolonging freshness and enhancing flavour in a secure and sustainable way.

It's Fresh! helps to address the key industry challenges of food security, profitability and global food waste.

It's Fresh! is a division of Food Freshness Technology Holdings a world class business that has invested over $20min areas such as the research and development of unique technologies and delivery systems, to bring to market a range of ground-breaking products that help leading retail groups and their supply chains to make a positive change to the fresh produce industry and to people around the world. These unique technologies are delivered via state-of-the-art materials science developed in partnership with world leading research & technology organisations.

To learn more about our research and what it means for the future of the 'fruit industry', check out our research page here

Our It's Fresh! filter absorbs the ethylene gas given off normally as fruit ripens. By capturing this gas (before the fruit does) research has shown that your fruit will be kept in peak condition for longer, naturally. Proven across five continents to reduce waste and costs within the supply chain network It's Fresh! can deliver enhanced yields and returns;

For Growers and suppliers, by helping them to benefit from consistency and management of maturity, reducing grade-outs and rejections to deliver superior quality and extended product life.

For Retailers, by providing extended quality freshness and shelf-life, delivering reduced in-store waste, greater availability on-shelf and increased sales as satisfied consumers return to buy more fruit more often.

Ethylene Absorber

Our offices are based in the UK (It's Fresh Ltd) and USA (It's Fresh Inc), our products are currently being used in Europe, USA, South and Central America, Asia, Australia, Asia and Africa.

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Ethylene Absorber


Our filters are packed conveniently in easily handled cartons. They are ready for hand insertion into retail or food service packs anywhere along the supply chain, from picking to packing and from lidding to ripening.

Ethylene Absorber

Transit Sheets

Produced in, small and large sizes for use in transit cases RPCs and other larger rigid or flexible packages of loose fruit. Seasons can be extended by growing, harvesting and storing more produce.

Ethylene Absorber


Developed to support berry picking and packing operations, It's Fresh! pads are provided to growers and pickers as a filter integrated into a berry pad, pre-inserted into punnets and clam shells.

Ethylene Absorber


The It's Fresh! label provides an automated, integrated packaging solution with the unique It's Fresh! active material printed onto a normal pack label and can be flexibly used for any kind of pack utilising a normal labelling line.