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Why does fruit go bad?

Some fruit, like strawberries, nectarines, pears and avocados, produce a natural ripening gas called ethylene. It is the presence of this gas that can cause fruit and vegetables to ripen prematurely. The It's Fresh! filter is an ethylene remover, and when kept with your fruit can reduce the speed at which fruit ripens by absorbing the extra ethylene gas before the fruit does. This ensures that fruit and vegetables will stay fresher and tastier for longer.

You can also help to delay this ripening process by keeping ethylene-producing produce separate from ethylene-sensitive ones. Avocados, mangoes and plums, for example, should be kept separate from apples and bananas.

Our Filters are unique because they keep working from harvest to home, even after the pack has been opened and this is key, because as the fruit gets picked, packed and transported, it is subjected to a fair degree of stress which results in accelerated ripening and thus reduced shelf-life.

It's Fresh! filters are used in many well known supermarkets around the world; Morrisons, Waitrose, M&S (UK), Albertson Safeway and Walmart (USA) and Carrefour (France). Just look for the green and white stripy filter in the bottom of your fruit.

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