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Retailers Waste Reduction

Improved profits and happier customers for retailers

Through significantly improving and extending the quality of fresh food, It’s Fresh! is helping leading retailers around the world to substantially reduce waste and greatly increase their sales; directly driving profits growth, with happier customers buying more… and buying more often.

Fresh produce retailers working with us are enjoying deep

cuts in complaint levels and soaring rates of customer satisfaction.

They are also experiencing better use of their resources, reduced food waste and improved yields, all of which contribute to meeting their social, environmental and sustainability objectives.

The It’s Fresh! difference

The It’s Fresh! filter, our first high tech product, actively absorbs ‘ethylene’, the ripening hormone, creating a protected atmosphere or ‘Freshasphere’ around fresh produce. The filter works excellently with both ready to eat and conventional fresh fruit and vegetables.

The benefits for grocery retailers

Rigorously and successfully trialled and tested by leading global academic and research facilities.

Retailers have consistently seen cuts of around 50% in waste and often, more than 10% sales growth.

Greater availability on shelf enables more efficient base stocking levels and increases consumer perception of category ‘freshness’.

Works extremely well with ‘ripe and ready to eat’ fruit, extending the time to eat and flexibility for consumers by several days with better flavour, more consistent ripeness and much less waste.

Improves quality and flavour for consumers, reducing waste in the home, inspiring long term customer loyalty and stimulates category growth.

Helps with social, environmental and sustainability objectives.

See our technical FAQs for further specifications and technical information on It’s Fresh! filters range

It's Fresh! Filter Diagram

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