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Extended quality, reduced waste and increased sales for growers

Produce growers around the world are working with Itís Fresh! to reduce waste and improve yields. They are benefiting from significantly extended quality from harvest to home and substantially improved sales and profits.

Itís Fresh! protects growers from the harmful knock on effects of downstream handling and mitigates against the damage from unplanned temperature breaks in the supply chain.

Growers are finding that sensory qualities are noticeably improved and product quality and freshness is markedly extended, giving their clients

and consumers perfect reasons to buy moreÖ and buy more often. They are now seeing far fewer consumer complaints and distinct reductions in distribution centre rejections.

With improved flexibility around harvest timings; with options to extend seasons and to grant greater accessibility to global markets, we are also giving growers reduced weight loss issues and better value picks, with the ability to store longer and to ship further.

The Itís Fresh! difference

The Itís Fresh! filter, our first high tech product, actively absorbs Ďethyleneí, the ripening hormone, creating a protected atmosphere or Ďfreshasphereí around fresh produce.

The benefits for fresh produce growers

Pick later for better flavour and more weight

Protects produce from farm to point of delivery (retailer/processor/port)

Longer storage life enables improved stock management

Reduces transit damage & losses (including supply chain disruptions)

Reduces Ďout of specificationí customer rejections

Extended quality and fewer rejections means greater yield and value per harvest

Delivers superior quality and extended product life to customers

Helps with social, environmental and sustainability objectives

See our technical FAQs for further specifications and technical information on Itís Fresh! filters range.

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