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Agroberries; Blueberries from Chile to USA 2016

The Opportunity

To use ItísFresh! to improve the quality of blueberries exported from Chile.

The Approach

Arandano blueberries from the same grower, in Parral, Chile were shipped with and without Itís Fresh! to the Berry Fresh facility in CA. There were nine sets of daily third party assessments simulating DC, retail and home conditions.

The Outcome

The testing showed that Itís Fresh! would deliver benefits at the retailerís DC, in-store and at home. Blueberries with Itís Fresh! were firmer, had better texture and better taste. By Day 9 the berry assessments showed Itís Fresh! delivering 2 days extra shelf or home life. There was an ROI of 200%. A blind sensory taste test was performed consisting of 5 random plates of berries.

Agroberries; Blueberries from Chile to USA 2016

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ďItís Fresh! was the best by far, better textureÖ and taste. There you have it, I picked the two Itís Fresh! (samples)Ē

Jyoti Bhogal Ė Sales Manager, Berry Fresh

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