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Meyer and Frutisima; Cherries from Chile to China 2015

The Opportunity

To showcase the benefits of Itís Fresh! on Meyer and Frutisima cherries compared to conventional packaging for long haul shipping.

The Approach

Independent quality assessments on arrival in Guangzhou China and on subsequent days after a 33 day shipment. Quality assessments were performed by Gate Global and wholesale market owners in the Tian He district.

The Outcome

Cherries shipped with Itís Fresh! had three to four days of quality extension. It was firmer with more premium quality fruit. Itís Fresh! fruit was preferred 3 times more often by Chinese consumers. There was minimum of a double return on their investment by growers. There were fewer adjustments; more fruit sold at target prices; better flow into the secondary markets and the ability to reach more markets.

Meyer and Frutisima; Cherries from Chile to China 2015

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ďItís Fresh! gave us extra days, allowing us to hold the fruit, waiting for a better price at the marketĒ

Romy Meyer, Commercial Manager at Exportaciones Meyer, LTDA

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