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Morrisons; Stone Fruit - Commercial Pilot 2014

The Opportunity

To extend the shelf life of Morrisons’ripe and ready to eat nectarines; reduce in-store mark down and waste and increase sales.

The Approach

A 12 week commercial pilot from July to September. The It’s Fresh! depots had Best Before dates extended by 1 day compared to the control depots. Morrisons’ data was analysed by the supplier, Univeg.

The Outcome

The It’s Fresh! depots had mark downs reduced by 63% and sales increased by 6.5% compared to the controls.

Morrisons; Stone Fruit - Commercial Pilot 2014

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“Having successfully trialled and launched It’s Fresh! on Stone Fruit with other retailers in 2013, we presented Morrison’s with the potential benefits to their business. We conducted robust commercial trials during the 2014 summer season resulting in markdown reductions and sales increases. This has led to a full roll out on all RTE Nectarines and Peaches.”

Tim brill - Commercial Executive - Univeg UK

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