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Univeg; Nectarines - Commercial pilot 2013

The Opportunity

To help Univeg improve quality and extend the shelf life of ripe and ready to eat nectarines, reducing in-store waste, improving availability and sales.

The Approach

Conduct a full season commercial pilot with Best Before dates extended by two days, evaluating the effect on waste, availability and sales for the retailer.

The Outcome

Waste was down by 42% YoY; availability rose by 2% and sales grew by 12%.

Univeg; Nectarines - Commercial pilot 2013

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“We commenced using It’s Fresh! in 2013 when we were able to show a significant reduction in store waste; a marked increase in sales and a reduction in customer complaints, while extending shelf life by 2 days on ready to eat fruit”

Tim Brill, Commercial Executive Univeg UK

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