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Peter Sugarman

Founder Director of Itís Fresh! Ltd and Food Freshness Technology Holdings (FFTH)

Peter is non-executive Chairman of Food Freshness Technology, as well as a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer of JRJ Group.

Peter has had a broad 30+ year career spanning fields of corporate finance, tax, accounting, mergers and acquisitions structuring and commercial banking. Before joining JRJ Group in November 2008, he was employed by Lehman Brothers for more than 7 years, as Head of Principal Investing in the Insurance Advisory Group and as Global Head of the Strategic Transactions Group. Prior to Lehman Brothers, he held various positions at Rabobank and JP Morgan, focussing on structured transactions, primarily within the financial services sector.

Peter holds BA and MA degrees in History and Law from Cambridge University. In addition to Food Freshness Technology, Peter serves as a director for ETX Capital, iProov Limited, and Maddox Capital Limited.

Twitter @PeterSugarman

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