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BBC Three Counties radio interview with Peter Durose at It's Fresh!

Walmart's supervisor testimonial on It's Fresh! filters

KCBS - San Francisco -CBS Radio Interview with Dean Martel at It's Fresh!

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The life of a strawberry

These Filter Sheets Will Help Keep Your Produce Fresh - It's Fresh!

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It’s Fresh! invented a smart filter to extend quality and freshness! Putting an end to wasted fruit

It’s Fresh! CleanEquity Conference

It’s Fresh! What keeps you awake at night? Food Waste & Sustainability

It’s Fresh! Professor Terry Interview – Strawberries & ethylene removal

How the It’s Fresh! filter reduces fresh produce waste & extends freshness

The It’s Fresh! Filter cutting waste & improving quality from harvest to home

It’s Fresh! Filter show cased in UK DTI Farm to Fork promotion

It’s Fresh! Time Lapse Video – Strawberries

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