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Quality failure. Unnecessary economic loss and food waste

One third of food produced around the world, approximately two billion tonnes, is lost before it can be consumed and, at the same time, close to one billion people go undernourished.

Farmers can't always get all of their produce delivered safely to meet customer needs.

This is reflected at the larger scale with worldwide markets often inaccessible to food growers.

Food suppliers suffer from spoilage through insufficient product life and from unexpected supply chain disruption and produce diseases.

Wasting food wastes everything... water, labour, fuel, time and money

Reducing Food Waste

There aren't always enough efficient and secure operations to balance periods of excess supply with regular demand.

Food stores miss out on optimum fresh produce sales through lack of availability and endure excessive waste by not having longer ‘best before’ dates.

Around the world consumers are throwing away food and missing out on the best possible quality, freshness and flavour.

Delivering technology focused on extending food quality in order to give business, consumers and global communities longer lasting, better quality, safe and secure food is the goal and role of It’s Fresh!

The Science
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