A Food Freshness Technology Holdings company

A culture of responsibility

Our Mission has ethics and sustainability at its core

Recycling Food Waste

Throughout our organisation, there is complete clarity around our corporate social responsibilities and goals.

The foundation on which all our efforts rest is sustainable profitability, giving us the space to also focus on being good corporate citizens and to contribute to the global community.

Our products, made from sustainable and recycled materials,deliver enhanced food security and reduced food waste to communities all around the world.

It’s Fresh! has made improvements in energy efficiency and recycling; we encourage flexible telecommuting, as well as many other socially directed policies.

We are a highly-skilled team of like-minded, socially passionate professionals.

Benchmarking to global best practise and beyond, we have specified the key components of a genuinely responsible business; sustainability, social awareness and policy; human resources, leadership and corporate governance.

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